Internet websites cannot identify my location

I have a 10-year-old HP Pavilion computer with Intel I3 core processor and I’m running Windows 10. In the past business websites were able to locate my zip code and I didn’t have to fill in all info. I’m running McAfee virus protection and they have a VPN and I connected to my computer for a couple hours and I disconnected just to see if it changed any download speeds. Now any business that I connect to on the website I have to always put in my zip code.They cannot identify my location anymore. I know everybody thinks it’s great for secrecy but it’s a pain when you’re shopping. The VPN is off and I can’t figure out what the problem is. No other changes to computer. Any help.

Anytime you clean data or do system maintenance it clears your cache which is info from saved websites.

Turning a vpn then off may also interfere with the location services from websites as well as it scrambles the location.

I personally keep my location off regardless of vpn and always fill this info out, i feel better that im in control of that info. But regardless thats probably whats happening

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I’d double check ‘history’ setting within the browser. I think you may be deleting the data every time you close it.

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No, the browsing history is still there. This wasn’t just a one time issue. It’s been going on for a couple of months ever since I shut the VPN off. I’ve cleaned the history periodically but I know that’s not the problem I think I’m going to try uninstall a McAfee and then reinstall it and see that may clear the problem. let me ask another question I have VPN on my fire stick but that’s connected to TV that should not interfere with the computer since my computer is ethernet to my modem correct.?

Man I live about an hour south of Fresno Central California and it’s 106 here today burning up.

I rebooted McAfee virus protection and didn’t alleviate the issue… I’m just going to close this one out.


This is a hit or miss issue, anytime your cache is cleaned, or your ip changes this can happen or history cleaned. There is settings in windows you can change to make websites remember your info. I forgot what its called. When you click on a spot that you are trying to fill out that auto fill section should show up if you have the settings turned on to do so. Auto fill its called

Every time I log into let’s say my bank accounts or Google or other accounts, I get a alert that a new device is just logged into my account. That kind of drives me nuts cuz I always have to check to make sure it’s okay. I do have network discovery turned off on my computer but I don’t remember that being an issue before.

Every single time your ip changes when signing into your bank and what not you will get that pop up. its a auto detection feature. Network discovery has nothing to do with it.

What browser are you using?

Chrome, what do you think could be causing my IP to change?

Vpn on and off. Anytime you log in with your phone outside your wifi most likely. Chrome as auto fill settings that if you put info as you type it in it will come on you click and boom info loaded. I think you ether cleared that info or the settings are off.

I’ll check it out thanks for your help.

It’s possible that iis a fingerprint issue. I find this often when dealing with banks and crypto exchanges. They want to make sure I am who I say I am and your account has been breached. Not sure about chrome but I know my browser blocks finger printing(tracking) and I want it that way. The AV could be blocking all of that and in my case my solution was 2 step auth so I can be verified without having to drop my protection level.

Well TXRon I Didnt wanna go there, however I use a dumb flip phone.:grin::grin: I don’t care for full size smartphone carrying around in my pockets… I do use a samsung Tab A when watchin tv… When the Rzr or Galaxy flips get cheaper then Ill buy one! :ok_hand:

just to clarify, I’m talking about internet or browser fingerprint and not a touch fingerprint device. Many sites use this to determine who you are although I might add is not as secure as they think.

My bad, LOL, ill keep working on it, its not big of an issue.Yes I have 2 step auth on all Financial accounts. Thanks.

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