Internet speeds on kodi

I have good internet speed. My stick says it has good speed. However, kodi is dragging and the speed test inside kodi shows some dismal numbers. I had cleared my stick and tried several different builds. Anyone have suggestions on my issue?

What VPN do you use?

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Test your speed with the Analiti App. I would trust that more over whatever your KODI Build/Addon is using

No VPN. Even if the kodi build test isn’t good, all the shows and movies buffer really bad.

Are you using Real Debrid?

No. Never had any issues before. Other apps play with no issues, it’s just a kodi issue.

Decent free Kodi links will get harder to find as time goes on. We talk about this often in here, and Troy highly recommends a premium service like RD or equivalent for VOD on .com. He also highly recommends a VPN for streaming. It could be your ISP throttling you because there is nothing masking your activity. Free stuff in cord cutting that used to be, will continue to go away with sources closing down, etc. It is your choice how you do it, but unfortunately the fact is that it isn’t like it used to be. And today won’t be like it will be in a year, few/several years.

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yes, I been thinking along all those lines. Probably time to start using some of those. Would that help with the live TV streams?

No, RD just helps find the highest quality sources for VOD. It wouldnt hurt to read up on IPTV options for live tv though.

I know over here in Canada if I try to stream something without the mask of RD or a VPN my service provider shuts it down in minutes.

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