Internet Archive Game Launcher

The instructions on the Troypoint website on how to download the Internet Archive Game Launcher is no longer valid and a post on this forum has a link that sends you to the github website that has the files for the Zach-Morris Internet Archive Game Launcher. However, there are many files and not a clear description of the Path to enter in File Manager… so after unsuccessfully trying more than a half a dozen times of path configurations I hope that someone here knows how to access the IAGL and can share the Path to download the zip file to enter in File Manager… and to pass this information on to Troy so that he can update his website. Thank you.

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0. Installation · zach-morris/plugin.program.iagl Wiki · GitHub

1. Setup · zach-morris/plugin.program.iagl Wiki · GitHub

These don’t help getting it setup?

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I couldn’t get it to work… I entered with and without http://, https:// and .zip in File Manager…

Yes it did, thank you… I took the URL from the link and put it in the Downloader browser and then clicked on the link to download the IAGL. After successfully downloading the file I then went to the Addon Browser and selected Install From Zip File, selected External Storage, Downloader then the zachmorris repository zip file and then went through the steps installing it…

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Why does the Zach Morris 1.0.4 zip file not have Iagl in it.? What’s going on? All that the zip had was an add on with retro bios? How the hell do you peice this together. I installed this like a year ago and it practically set itself up. Man