Instant Kodi Nexus

Saturday night on my bedroom tv running a $20 Walmart ONN box I went onto Kodi to watch something and to my surprise it had automatically updated to Kodi 20 Nexus. I was running Kodi 19.4 prior to that. I have never had that happen before on any of my firesticks or android boxes. It kept my Kodi apps and they are working pretty much like they did before. I wonder how and why that upgrade happened?

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How to Disable Kodi Auto Update on all Platforms –

If you downloaded your Kodi from the Kodi website, it will not auto-update. If you downloaded your Kodi from the Google Playstore it will. (if you have auto-updates turned on)

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Thanks Jax. I didn’t know Kodi had an auto update feature. Strange how it was activated on the onn box and none of my other boxes.

I might have downloaded that one from the playstore. Thank you Shayde!


Welcome! Good luck with your new version! :sun_with_face:

Same happened to me , got to admit working well with green monster , But I do suspect APK pure for updating it automatically!

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