Installing VPN on Netgear R7000 Router

I have been trying to install IPVanish/VPN on my second router (Netgear R7000). I have followed the YouTube video (How To Install VPN On Router - YouTube) and everything works as far as the steps to configure the VPN. The last step where I change the IP address, reboot the router and then hook the cable to my home wireless router (linksys). Once I have restarted the cable modem I no longer have internet to the Netgear router. I have made sure of the connection from the Linksys router (one of the 4 ports) goes to the internet port on the Netgear router. I have restarted all the routers but no luck. Any ideas?

Hey @Ronlb Did you disable the DHCP on the secondary Netgear router? Also…did you reset your Netgear router to clear it out? 2 steps needed when you daisy chain routers…other than that, I got nothin’. GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

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