Installing m3u on VLC

I didn’t know you could install m3u on VLC until I was exploring the app this afternoon. I installed and tested 3 m3u urls to see if they would work and they all did!

I don’t think you can, or at least IDK if you can install any epgs, but I thought it’s pretty neat you can put a m3u on the VLC player app.

I knew you could add an m3u in VLC and when I was first looking at free IPTV I’m sure I saw a way to add an epg, but along came TiViMate and it was designed specifically to do IPTV so I didn’t look further. You can add an m3u in TeaTV as well.

I never really looked at VLC. I only used it as an external player. I had no idea you could install m3u urls. It doesn’t even come close to Tivimate, but I thought it was neat you could do that.

I actually was looking for a way to config the app so the Live TV app would glean program from there, but I never figured it out. The Live TV shows in settings that Peacock and VLC are not set up/ So I was trying to figure out how to set them up. Right now in that app all I have are Pluto Xumo. Bout ready to just uninstall that app. Seems kinda useless to me.

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