Installing Film Plus to Nvidia Shield

I’m using the Nvidia Shield running version 11 and trying to install Film Plus following the TroyPoint info but for some reason it will not work. Is this app for USA use only or am I not following the instructions correctly. I’ve even tried using Downloader code without success also.

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You can try the Browser to the left of the downloader box.

I just installed it on my 2019 Shield Pro. Downloader Install code is 52193. Then it asks for an update so you have to give Film+ permission to download and then it will update. Then you have to install BPlayer. I chose a vid and it played flawlessly. I didn’t log into RD as this isn’t an app I need or want and will just take up space. Worked for me perfectly and also has Trakt integration. I should also note I am not in the U.S. but have my ProtonVPN set to Dallas TX.


I’ll give it another try and see how it goes. I did install BPlayer when it asked me but it wouldn’t open.

Try unlinked code 67664537 and download the AF (add free) version then go into settings on the app and select VLC as default player works a treat for me here in Ireland.

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I tried to download from the webpage and it came back with the following error “Couldn’t create file. Is your storage full?” This I couldn’t understand as my Internal Shared Storage shows as Total Space 5.4GB with Internal Apps as 2.8GB and available 2.5GB. My SD Card shows Total Space as 537GB with Apps as 159kB and available 532GB. I’m glad you have managed to get it up and running and showing that it is not specific to U.S. Guess its back to the drawing board on this one.

Only 5.4 free? I have 12 GB free. Odd. Sorry you can’t get it installed. I’d have to be there with you to figure out why that is.

Yes it’s only got 8GB memory so the rest used up by system.

The good news is I went down the unlinked road and managed to get it installed from there and I’m using MX Player to good use. Still can’t understand all the other failures though.

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5.4 gb should be plenty for Film+ shouldn’t it? Given you have good speeds.

Absolutely it should be enough.

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Does this require you to be locked into the downloaded version - in other words, do not update it?

If so, is there any downside to the version from unlinked? I like the simple approach I saw in latest version, but I cannot use Surfshark’s ad-blocking feature as it blocks closed caption which my wife needs.

Wondering if unlinked path matches my needs?


Using SurfShark and getting download speeds between 90 & 120Gb through Milan (Checking with Fast)