Installing Disney Plus on Android Box - app not available in Play Store

I had previously downloaded the apk from Aptoide but they no longer have it and the app won’t work any more without an update. Tried downloading several apks but none of them will install. Please help, my kids are getting desperate :frowning:
Can anyone suggest a different link or a solution why it is not installing?

Hi @esucre
Welcome to the community.
On your Android device, is Google Play installed?

Thanks! Yes, but the app is not available. When I installed the app last, I had to find it online and put it on a usb stick

Hi @esucre
Here are a couple of @TROYPOINT guides

Also try: Install Unlinked APK on Firestick/Android - New FileLinked Clone and use code 55555555 then search for the app.
If all else fails: try APKPure. Com and type Disney + in the search box
Good Luck!


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