Installing Cinema apk

I currently have an old version of Cinema on my Firestick TV, with LOTS of movies & TV shows entered as ‘‘Favorites’’.
My question is…by installing the latest version of Cinema (and uninstalling the older version, will I lose everything that’s been saved in my Favorites (or History) file? Thanks.

yes i think you will it will be a clean download

In that case, it would impossible for me to ‘‘recreate’’ 100+ titles from memory, and put them into the updated version. Is it possible to have BOTH old & new Cinema versions operating simultaneously? Or must the old version be uninstalled first? Thanks.

not sure if you can if i were you i would stick with the old version if its working less hassle good luck anyway

If you get a trakt account then on a new install of cinema I believe you can go into cinema settings and authorize trakt.

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out of interest what version of cinema do you have i have 2.4.0 and it does all i need

I have version of Cinema. It’s not working, which is why I need to upgrade.

Another person mentioned a ‘‘Trakt’’ account. Do you know anything about that?

@Miki is the person to ask about Trakt i dont use it

Oops. I don’t use it either. Trying to find a tutorial on here. No luck so far.

lol you prob know more than me about it i didnt want to give bad info on subject its not my thing

Ya Same here. That’s why I’m trying to find a proper tutorial.


At this point, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have at least the free Trakt account. It follows you everywhere, from device to device and links to most of the apks and add-ons we talk about in here. I have premium, and it is very helpful, but the free version has most of the stuff to use with premium just having a few more features.


I don’t personally use trackt as I only use 2 apps for movies and series, Stremio and OnStream, both of which natively, keep track of what I’ve watched. So many use multiple apps, but as a past user of FireTV I’ve learned to keep things simple and without clutter. The Moto is, “less is better”.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

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Until you have really tried it, you can’t realize the ease of use after authentication and the value that it could bring to your streaming world. It even works with Plex, Kodi, and the others. It isnt for everyone, but I encourage everyone to at least try and judge for themselves. After all, it is free (unless you upgrade).

Are Stremio and OnStream FREE streaming Apps?

Yes. Stremio once configured on line can be installed on any device and you simply log in and your configuration is applied to that device without any more being done. Stremio I use for Movies and series and it will show everything you’ve watched including episodes of series. It also has an addons you can choose to enhance the app. Series will go back in years to watch a series from the beginning. Torrentio addon supplies so many sources you don’t really need Real Debrid. I do have an RD sub so I integrate it into torrentio for extra reliable sources. OnStream is also free and when you sign up it will keep track of everything you’ve watched. Stremio can be integrated with trakt if you choose, I don’t see the need, for me it’s an added app wasting space and I would never use it.