Installed Kodi 19.3 and now Troypoint App doesn't work

I did a clean install of Kodi 19.3 last night. I then went to the Rapid App Installer to get the latest Diggz Xenon build as was recommended in a newsletter. It wouldn’t load. I uninstalled the Troypoint App, reinstalled, and then tried to load again. Same thing; no load. I am not intuitive about these things, so I had to watch videos and read the guide and tried to follow all the steps (which I think I did correctly). Is there a problem or am I doing something wrong. Kodi 19.3 is there and I have NORD VPN running. It keeps saying my library is empty if that means anything.


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Delete all things kodi from your device.

Turn vpn off and install stable 19.3 follow the guides for the build to every letter. Even a spelling mistake will make it not work.

What device are you installing it on?

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Try Turning off your VPN

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Thank you! I am using an older FireTV Box. Do I have to install Kodi before I Install the Troypoint app? I keep trying to reinstall the TP app and keep getting the perpetual syncing message.

Hello @robie13 the syncing message is usually due to VPN. Try disconnecting your VPN and try launching TROYPOINT app again. Also, others have reported getting rid of that message by just rebooting their streaming device.

I’ll try that. Thanks.

Rebooting did the trick. I was able to get the Troypoint app and loaded Kodi 19.3. I then successfully installed the Diggz Zenon app. Some channels (movies) won’t load but non-movie channels are fine. Is there something else I need to do? Troypoint says the Diggz build is the best. I miss the build links on the Rapid Installer.


I’m glad you where able to get it going.

When you say won’t load what happens? Is a movie or show you are trying to get won’t play? No stream available?

Are you getting links? I would suggest non build of kodi with the crew and a real debrid.

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