Install Xfinity Comcast on an android box

I remember on the rapid app installer Troy had the installation for Xfinity and now it’s no more but does anybody know or please help me the steps to install Xfinity Stream on an android box, I greatly appreciate it

You should be able to get it in the playstore.

Xfinity Stream TV App

I looked throughout the Google play store and it is it available on this Nvidia shield pro, there’s gotta be a way to install it hopefully

strange, I just looked on my shield also and its not there…hmm. It can be sideloaded from places like apkpure and apkcombo

How do I get APK pure And or APK combo

xfinity stream .apk at DuckDuckGo

you will need to download it to your pc and sideload or use a browser on device and download it with permissions.

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