Install VPN on Streaming Device or TV?

I will be using an Nvidia Shield Pro on our three Smart TVs. Is it safe for me to assume that I should do the VPN install on the Shield rather than the tv?

Thanks all.

Yes exactly. The Shield is where you want it.

Thanks Miki. So will the Wireguard work just being on the Shield or does it need to be installed on the router? I should have asked this at the same time.

Hey it’s all good my friend. You can’t remember all the questions you need answered at once. I use the Wireguard protocol on my Shield, but if you know how to enter the VPN on the Router then that is always the best as with just one device, absolutely every device connected to your network is protected, without you having to install a vpn on every single device.

I remember having a similar discussion with Troy a few months ago and it seemed that in order to have the little magic box indicating the vpn was on it needed to be installed on the unit or on both I don’t remember. But I did read today that I shouldn’t have it on both because that makes the connection/speed even slower.

Ya just have it on one or the other. If you’re referring to the safety dot that lets you know if your vpn is on or off then yes I believe it has to be on the streaming device.

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T h a n k s M i k i. :grinning:

Any time. Feel free to PM me with any questions you have.