Install vpn for router

So, once u install a vpn on ur router, do I then not need the IPVanish app on my android box?When I followed the instructions to put a VPN on my router, it slowed down so much, I felt like I was using a dial up modem again. Thank you!

App is not needed if vpn is on router and you are on the vpn. However due to type of router you could see issues with a slowdown however a vpn in general will slow you down a bit. I had a asus ax56u (new) and couldnt figure out my slow down and the app was actually faster. But I needed control over all boxes and couldnt rely on everyone to monitor the vpn status on each box. My problem was solved by upgrading to an asus ax86u router and that did the trick. I prefer all “in house” traffic going through me so I can control security aspects and all is great now. It took a few months to figure it all out. Also if you use the app try the wireguard setting if you have it because I noticed a great speed increase.

Hello @Amrygirl yes you are correct, you wouldn’t need to run the VPN app on your other devices. Yes, this is one big downfall of using a VPN on router which I discuss in my tutorial here - How To Setup VPN On Router & Secure All Your Devices in 2020 But, as I always say, keep in mind that you only need 25 to 30Mbps to stream 4K. Also, try using the different protocols like I show in my video as those make a big difference with speed.


THANK YOU! I use the wireguard setting on the IPVanish app.


Thank you! I’ll play with it again.

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Something I forgot to mention in router settings. I originally was using QOS on my router because I wanted to limit bandwith for a few things and allocate more for the tv etc. … well as it turns out that setting had for some reason slowed everything down and causing buffering and general overall sluggishness. So I turned off qos and gave equal to everything and that sped up everything with no more “bottlenecks”