Install unknown apps

Hi hopefully someone can help me
I have just purchased a fire stick
I want to enable unknown apps
But there is no option to do that

I go in to developer options
Click on install unknown apps

And get this message

No applications installed on this fire tv
Have requested permission to install other
applications you will be able to grant permission
Once you install an application that has
That ability

Can anyone help thanks


Welcome to our community!!

Follow this guide here: Downloader and unknown apps.

Ok thanks
But I can’t install downloader

Here is @TROYPOINT tutorial.

If you have anymore questions, let us know.


It shows how to jailbreak firestick its in there. Should solve it.

But I can’t install downloader
Nor jailbreak


I can’t install downloader

We can’t be of any help to you if you can’t be any more descriptive. Did you click the link above and READ the entire tutorial?

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Yes I did nothing works
I don’t know why

Were you able to search for it in the app store? Can you search for any apps in the app store at all?

Yes I can find downloader
But when I click on download
I get this

Looks to me like you clicked on the info page… and not the download button. This your first time downloading an app? Click on the button I highlighted in red.

I did click on the download button
And that’s come on the screen

I use to have this problem when I first started with the Firestick because I have an account and was not permitted to download it. Easy fix Download and install apps2fire on my Android phone, then download the Downloader to my phone. Read up on how to use apps2fire and you’re golden.

Wow, that sounds like more hassle than it’s worth. You couldn’t just register your Amazon account on the other website and use that for the fire stick? I know to sign up for real-debrid someone else was having an issue with the Amazon payment screen launching on so I checked it out. All I did was go to that website and convert the language to English. Once I clicked on register I used the same account and password as my usual Amazon account. It pulled over my payment info and everything. Might be the same here.

@Jayhawks659lol. Sorry Jay but you are a tad naive. I lived in Canada and when I bought my first firestick I simply went ahead and registered an account with, after all I’m Canadian. That was long before I knew that all Amazon accounts are not created equal and accounts had access to far more than I did. Yes it may seem like a hassle, but like tivimate, once you take the time to learn how to use the tools you have, it’s all good. apps2fire was simple and easy to use and I was able to bypass Amazon restrictions and get what I wanted on my Firestick. The Amazon world sucks some times, until you learn how to do an end run on them. Lots of fun.

List itemdo you have a payment option set up ? i found i needed that set up even tho downloader is free after downloading i just deleted the payment info

You may have to install the Firestick under your Amazon account if you didn’t purchase it under your account.

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