Install Spectrum TV App on Nvidia Shield/Firestick

Has anyone found a way to install the spectrum TV app on a Nvidia Shield or Firestick and have it work? I tried one link for downloader that installed the app but it didn’t work. A few others I found for downloader wouldn’t even install, just got an error. I tried using Aurora Store but that didn’t work either. Only looking for the app for Nvidia Shield/Firestick, no other way, as I don’t want to buy a Roku or apple device or a smart TV to get spectrum TV.

I have Spectrum but I don’t have their TV app. Although, I do have their Service app and checked out their sites.

Here is a direct link to the Spectrum TV App download page. Spectrum TV App: Download and Get Started

Btw, if you had your VPN on try turning it off. I had to turn off my SS VPN to access their website.

Also, I bet you can download it to your smart tv, not certain about a streaming device. They advertise no box needed. So, I am assuming this app may be affected by location and ip address. Which may mean you cannot use a VPN with their app…dunno?

I only have my Nvidias, phone, and tablet as registered devices right now, but I do believe this app is compatible with a smart TV.

I could not find the app on my Nvidia Play Store, But I did find a bunch of Spectrum TV apps in the Aurora Store. All the Spectrum apps requires GSF (Google Services Framework Identifier)

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The Spectrum app works fine on Roku. Doesn’t work worth sh__ on the firestick - never has.

I have not been able to use the Spectrum app with my iPad while connected to SS. I was trying to use the app from outside the US. I tried going through SS support and they were unable to rectify the issue, but did say they were able to launch the app while connected to the pie VPN. This is as far as I got

Have you adjusted any settings like turning ad-blocker off and then tested? Strange it may work with another VPN just not SS.

I don’t recall trying that specifically, although I did go through multiple configuration permutations with SS support, including a reinstall, DNS changes and Wireguard protocols etc. I will try that and also another VPN. (What is strange, is that they told me they could do it at their lab, which is located in Amsterdam).

Try a free VPN like Proton and see if it will work.

Tried Proton. Didn’t work, same message as above. The Spectrum app clearly recognizes a VPN connection somehow. (I’m not sure how the Surfshark people were able to get past this, but I sure can’t). Thanks for trying to help!

Most likely the app is geo dependent and maybe even locked into your account’s address itself.

I have Spectrum internet, but do not have any of their TV stuff. I am not sure I can get the app without paying extra.

Anyway, as I was researching this for you I found this disclaimer on the ‘Help and Set-up’ page.

I chatted with a rep and I would have to subscribe to their TV service…which I will not. lol

I did find this website and they charge a whopping $60 bucks a month for that service!

Spectrum TV

Thanks for trying. Much appreciated!

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I have Spectrum TV and when I try to get service out of my immediate area, it’s a no go. It’s definitely geo region locked. I don’t think it’s specifically address locked, though.

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