Install Seren without Omega

In an attempt to resolve another unrelated issue, I reinstalled Seren on 3 Nvidia Pros with KODI 20.2 and Diggz Xenon. Each time it installs, as per Troy’s exact instructions, Seren lists itself as Seren for Omega. Seren for Omega? Huh? Among the differences between with & without Omega is some categories aren’t in the same location. I am othe only one experiencing this? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill because the word Omega is attached? If not, how do I get rid of it?

I think they are referring to the new version of Kodi which is called Omega. So one is for that, I would just use Seren installed by itself. Not in a build.

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Hey TJ, Did you mean, ‘Seren by itself’ as a stand-alone like Syncler or KODI itself? How do I do that?

Install Seren as a single add on in Kodi.

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A ‘build’ is a collection of several addons, semi-unified with a single home page (AKA ‘skin’) to select an addon. You can also install individual addons.

Here’s instructions for installing Seren.

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