Install ES File Explorer on to ONN device

Hey Guys, I’m trying to install the older version of ES File Explorer version on to the original Walmart ONN 4K device. The Play Store doesn’t have it.
Troy’s Toolbox has the Pro Version and I’m familiar with the older version. Does anyone know if there is a Downloader code or the correct URL address I can use in Downloader to install.
Please Advise

This is a library I use and trust. Do a search for ES File Explorer and then click “other versions” and scroll down. Didn’t see 3a but 3 is there. Not sure why you wouldn’t use the latest. Not a lot difference other than security and feature updates from the 2 yr old version.

Miki, Thank you for your input.
I used Jio Pages on the ONN device to get Uptodown and installed the latest version of ES File Explorer. This was my first time sideloading from a search engine instead of Downloader.
The latest version is a bit different than the one I am using on other devices. When I go thru Troy’s toolbox to install, after the install I am prompted to delete the APK for the downloaded file. Under other circumstances I delete the file using Xplore or ES File Explorer.
At this point I’m trying to find out where on the new version of ES File Explorer the apk files are. On the older version I am using on other devices I go to (app icon / user apps / all apk’s) and it shows me whether the folder contains apk’s to be deleted or empty.
Guess I’m going to have to play around with the new one.
Thanks for your comeback I really appreciate it.

I would have to search for instructions. I stopped using ES about a year ago. I now use X-plore as it provides me much better usability and control in the IPTV hobby. Uptodown has the older APKs to install the app. One comment I would like to talk about. APK is the install tool for an app. So once an app is installed you can certainly delete the Android Package Kits, as they aren’t needed, and you can always get them easily, through places like Troys Toolbox or trusted libraries like Uptodown.

Hey Troy’s tutorial shows you how to access and delete files.

Thank You, I really appreciate the link.

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Search Is Your Friend...!

You can find a lot of Threads and Tutorials from Troy that you can use.


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