Install apps not available in your country google play store

I’m trying to install the UK Channel 4/All 4 app on my Firestick and my Samsung mobile. I am using NordVPN to change my location; cleared data/cache; force stop. However, I keep getting the “not available in your country” error. Anyone knows how to fix this?

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Probably a paid app that detects your vpn and won’t allow install.


Hmmm… thank you @TP-Dracoo I’ve got to find a way. :grinning:

The channel four app is free so there is no charges, try using Surfshark vpn. I live in the UK and use Surfshark to view American channels.

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Thanks, Mytchie. I’ll try Surfshark.

I use NordVPN because I’ve found that it’s the only VPN that allows me to watch BBC iPlayer without detecting I’m outside the US.

Try downloading from APK Pure

Then connect thru Nord

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