INSOMNIA Kodi Addon- Fierce New Kodi Addon


I installed the Insomnia addon and quite like it. However, it doesn’t install a TMDB player. LooNatics has its own players but, as of last night when I downloaded them they didn’t include one for Insomnia. Any suggestions? Since Insomnia is supposed to be a Venom fork, is there any way to modify a Venom or other TMDB player to work with it? Or is all this premature, and can everything be expected to be worked out in the next few days?

when i add the source url it tells me it cant find it on the web is it offline now?

I have the zip files on a usb drive instead of the box. ThePromise loaded great, but when I try to load insomnia, it crashes KODI. Won’t even bring up the install dialog. Haven’t been able to figure it out yet…

I am having the same problem,anyone any ideas.

As of 5/10, the file now includes a player for Insomnia.

I installed insomnia on my kodi matrix 19.4 to test it out. Installed with ease and then I ran it. Why anyone would want this addon is beyond me. Movies and tv series only and doesn’t do that well imho. Other apps are far superior, now uninstalled.


Because people want to try different things. Let them make up their minds. I only use 5 apps if that. Sometimes just one.

I only use 5 apps but latley only one. But its why we have these choices.

I know and I’m just giving my opinion. I tested it and didn’t find it useful. Of course others can decide for themselves. The main point is it installs as others were having problem.