Insider is now considered a phishing site

Sorry for posting it here, but I could not find a thread for this. Insider has been added to safe sites, but every time I click on a topic or any other place on the site, I get booted to this page listed below. Using Avast and this has started in the last two weeks.

Avast Online Security & Privacy

# Hold on, this website isn’t safe

This is a phishing site – a fake site that tries to steal your sensitive info (passwords, credit card numbers, and more). We recommend avoiding the site completely.



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That is false. That would be incorrect and considered a false positive.

No info Is gathered here for malice intent. I suggest adding the site to your whitelist. We don’t do anything of the sort and the site is legal.

Scripting software of some virus scaners list things this way over intensive protocols. This is why false positives happen.


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It was working fine then it started and it has been added to the white list that’s when it started questioning everything on the site. I finish reading one topic click on another it jumps to that page and I have to override it to view next.–

I had the same thing happen with Advast anti-virus.

I was unable to log on for two days.

Wrecked my perfect attendance. LOL

Go to Advast Menu - Settings - Exceptions - Add Exception - enter


Try adding both and to your white list or exception list.


added all three,,, and
So far, ok thank you.