Info on Loonatics addon

I came back from a trip and updated my Kodi to find my TV n’ Sport addon was missing. When re installing the Loonatics repo I find that the TV n’ Sport addon has gone. I found this particularly good for its rugby content. Can anyone bring me up to speed please.


Hi Tom. Kodi Add-ons are continuesly been updated by developers by adding some or removing some channels. Or server/connection of concerned add-on is down.

But if navigate to install from repository> Scroll to Loonatics Repository long press on ok button from your remote> Check for updates will take few seconds > Then navigate back to Loonatics add-on and try again.

Other here is a list from TP manual scroll down to table of contents for the best sports add-ons.

Much appreciated. Will give it a go.


You’re welcome if you have any other questions pls don’t hasitate to post. :+1:

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