Indoor security camera


I need your sage advice. I just sent 2 Wyze, Pan 3 indoor/out cameras back to Amazon as they kept going offline and customer service was lackluster.

This is what I am looking to purchase for indoor basement use only. I need a color, pan camera with a telephoto lens that can zoom in at least 60 feet in length and pan left to right on movement at least 25 feet coupled with sound recording. I am not looking for cloud storage. I want it to download movement videos with sound onto my iPad and iPhone. I am looking to get something good that will last a good few years without issue.

Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank You all in advance. Stay safe out there it’s a dangerous world nowadays.

PS: I have 2 dehumidifiers working around the clock, whether needed or not.

I had some ethernet-connected cameras working flawlessly for 10 years before breaking down and getting some WiFi cameras. They are MUCH less reliable - The issue appears to be with the WiFi connection but only the cameras have issues - nothing else (servers, laptops, phones, desktops).

Go figure…

Thanks, sktn77a.

Depending on what your views are with wifi cameras made in China utilizing China based servers…

The Yi line of cameras, sold on Amazon, have worked great for me for years. I don’t use their cloud service.

Can the Yt cameras be viewed on a monitor?

The Yi cams are wifi and uses browser url or app based for playback and monitoring.

Using a monitor, you’d need a pc with internet access to view.

I use Speco cams, hardwired, to a cctv dvr connected to a monitor. No wifi or web.

Just curious. I have 4 always on wifi cams surrounding my house…getting old, so im always on the lookout for a replacement when they start acting up… So far about 5 years of flawless performance. I have a 32 inch monitor in my bedroom also always on and dedicated to all cameras.

I use reolink cameras, They have a large Selection and can get them on Amazon

Since you’re using wireless cams, I’m guessing you’re pushing the feed to your monitor through a PC?

No the unit has it own box with hdmi out that connects to all cameras. Came with 1tb hdd.

Oh, gotcha. It comes with a wireless dvr receiver. Cool.

yea I would show it but anran appears to not have it anymore on amazon, at least not this model.