Implayer on NVIDIA Shield

I haven’t been using this service for long. But I can’t find a setting that will allow me to update the EPG manually.


Do you have a provider?

Typically when you use a iptv provider they have the epg along with service. It’s not always accurate tho.

I just left the Insider group about 30 minutes ago. I finally remembered the name. I don’t know why all this stuff is so complicated for me. I get more help from people in this group than I do on twitter. I am answering a reply to a issue I am having with implayer now. I will get back to the 2 emails you sent me in a few minutes.

Yes. I have Sapphire Secure iptv. This all started when they stopped using M3U. I have some EPG settings but there is nothing there that allows me to update the epg. When I open my favorites, there isn’t a EPG there at all.

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