Implayer download not working

Just wondering if anyone out there is having this issue, or am I the only on. I have tried several times to download the Implayer from inside my TP rapid app installer. I click the download button and it says download starting but it never does.

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Which device are you trying to install on? Android box? Amazon device?

Unknown sources should always be enabled. Have you tried unlinked with password 12341234? Try that.

The rapid app is currently working under apk installer.

Thanks: I have been trying to set up both of my tv boxes lately. I don’t know what I screwed up yesterday, but I ended up uninstalling my downloader app and re-installing it. Then I remembered that I didn’t have the browser plug in installed. I installed it. Then I uninstalled the rapid app installer, and re-installed it. This time when I clicked on the implayer icon, it worked great.