I'm a collector and want the ability to save (transfer) shows to an external hard drive. Please help

I would prefer a hardware setup as I had with DirecTV unless there is something easier. I had a cable running from the DirecTv unit to a unit that contain a hard drive and DVD. I would make a DVD and transfer it to my pc before again transferring it to the final destination, one of my 17 external hard drives. Granted, it was a lot of work, but well worth it as I’m a hardcore collector. I’m open to all suggestions including using software even though I know nothing about editing if that’s a part of it. Stopping for now but would like to start a dialogue with those that would be willing to help me keep my IPTV service while still pursuing my hobby.


Thanks. I’m still willing to listen to anyone else’s viewpoint, so keep those texts coming.


Posted above is the best way to record large stuff with all your hard disks.

Others will mention plex server.

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I want the ability to put the tv shows and movies to go into the hard drive I want. Will this be possible to do it the way that has been suggested?. I want to continue to have my content in alphabetical order also. I don’t mind going into each hard drive to watch something. I’m a novice at this so this may be a stupid question but if I go that route, will my new content actually be on my hard drives also or just in plex or wherever the Troypoint tutorial says it is. I want everything I have collected plus what will be collected in one place, preferably on my hard drives.

Can I first ask why you want to store everything on a hard drive? Downloading and storing files on a hard drive is a little obsolete now that you can stream practically anything you want instantly. And DVDs are something that are hardly even spoken about anymore.

If you have a poor internet connection or you want to be able to watch movies in places where you have no internet connection then I can understand the desire to download some stuff. But the more you download and the bigger collection you keep, the more risk you assume of the government ever finding it. You may want to consider just keeping a small collection of downloaded files for offline use but use streaming the rest of the time. For example, my parents travel a lot now that they are retired. They have a firestick with a usb drive attached that has about 40 downloaded movies on it. When they are in their camper and can’t get internet they will watch one of those. But the rest of the time they have a 4G router they use to connect to the internet and stream stuff.

Real Debrid is a multihoster that a lof of people on here use. They are private servers that you pay a minimal fee to use every month. Instead of having your own hard drive, you could have access to huge servers with hundred of thousands of movies and shows that the community uploads and shares. If you want to, you can even download those files from those servers. You just have to start streaming the file first so it shows up in your real debrid history. Then just login on the website and go to the downloads page and click the link for the file to download it.

Playback of your downloaded content has a couple of options. You can physically plug the hard drive into a computer or streaming device that has a USB port. You can browse the files manually and select the one you want to play (just like using a computer), or you can use a media player like Kodi to create a digital library. When you add files to the library it will search the internet for the movie poster, description, etc. Then your library will look something similar to Netflix and other apps. The other way to play your files is remotely. That’s where the Plex server comes in. Whatever device you have your hard drive plugged into has to be connected to the internet and turned on. Then you can access your files from anywhere as long as you have a device connected to the internet.


First I want to thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I understand where you are coming from and am familiar with most of what you said and don’t disagree with any of it. It just comes down to choice and I’m old school. At 75, it is hard to change my ways. As the saying goes, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” I’m not concerned about copywriting laws as my collection covers the 40’s thru the '60s. I’m not even watching what I have much anymore, but I still feel the need to search for those rare and lost treasures of yesterday. I doubt you will understand and that is ok. You are coming from a viewing perspective while I’m coming from a collectability one.

I went back and read your 3rd paragraph. That is if I read it to start with. There is some valuable information there. Thanks so much.

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Said 3rd paragraph, actually meant 4th even though all 4 were informative.

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