IAppspp installation

I am unable install smart you tube on fire he tablet . any suggestions ?.


Should be able to uninstall. Just press and hold Uninstall?

What error does it give or if any? Smart tube app shouldn’t be apart of the firmware. Might have to use a Uninstaller.

I have already uninstalled i t . My question is why it is not working on a fire tablet .

From what I’ve read it isn’t meant for tablets and I was unable to find an apk for Fire Tablets. Doesn’t mean there isn’t one, I just couldn’t find one.

I also tried to find an all for mobile without any luck . Hope some one will find .


The os on those tablets make some apps struggle.

Amazon trying to block stuff out. Might have to download apk from a site allow to install from unknown sources. If that don’t work the os just won’t let it work.

Can try a root but I don’t recommend it

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