I would like to rewatch a tv series but all the episodes are gone, missing, disappeared. Where can I locate my missing episodes? Please help

After watching a tv series, sometimes I would like to rewatch the series. Or a family member would like to watch an episode that they missed and I watched the previous night. Unfortunately, the whole series or the individual episode is gone, missing, disappeared. Where can I find the episode(s) so that I can watch again? Thanks in advance.

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What kodi add-on are you using?

Yeah like @AMD237 is saying, we need more info.

You are using kodi we guess since that is the section where you posted this. Kodi 21?

Using a build? If so what one?

What addon(s)?

Have you tried Trakt?

All kodi addons that i have used have at least a movie and TV show section where you could go into and find a specific series by a number of differnt serach option.

This really makes no sense. How did you watch it the first time? Just repeat what you did


Most addons allow the following…(And I am taking a leap on assuming you were using trakt also)
When you go to the series you want to watch, you long press that and a menu will popup
Select Browse, then you can select the season & episode you want to watch.
I hope my assumption was right and this helps you.


I’m using “The Crew” Kodi addon with RealDebrid. It works and has been working great ever since I installed it about 1 1/2 years ago. I would just like to figure out why I can’t rewatch any tv shows. Very puzzling.

I’m using Kodi 20.3

When was the last time it worked?

Kodi 20.3 is a bit old and The Crew may not be working on it anymore. Not saying it isn’t but they may have moved on.

Are you ok with updating to kodi 21?

How about Trakt? Have you tried that as well. Keeps “track” of all your movies and tv shows.

Thank you CaPnKWL!! I long pressed like you suggested and I selected “Unwatched in THE CREW” and solved my issue. Your help is greatly appreciated. I knew there was an easy fix and you showed me the way. Thanks again :pray:t3::partying_face::clap:t3::+1:t3:


Can you also explain how you “can’t rewatch any tv shows”. Makes no sense if you can just select it again.

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Thank goodness for @CaPnKWL . I was about to ask for screenshots as I was super confused lol.

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Thanks again everyone for your help. Minor issues turn into huge issues when it happens to you, in this case ME. Haha. Kodi rocks! Enjoy the rest of the day.

Glad it worked out but i still dont understand how you couldnt just search for the series and watch the episode you wanted.

You can find a series and season/episodes without needing trakt.


Could it be that the button on the left menu was set to not show the watched items? I forget it’s there when I go into history and nothing shows up. I just tell it to show the watched episodes and there everything is.

I’ve found doing a search using Cinema has found all series I’ve searched for.

Are you watching through (recently watched or TheMovieDb helper?
If you are or you set your settings to delete / hide what you have watched and to only show what you have not watched they get hidden.

If you want to watch it you need to go to search and then TV episodes and search for it. Or change your settings. Or go through another repo on Kodi that does not have those settings and search for it there.

You need to add your TYV shows to TRAKT collection, not watchlist. Everything you have finished to watch in watchlist will be removed vs in Collection it will stay until you remove it yourself

Asgard is good for that.

I too have a problem streaming new/old series on the Seren Addon. The ones already in my favourites work but if I want to stream something else I can’t. BUT, movies are still available at all times.
I keep getting a message to check my logs, but I can’t remember how to get to my logs. I tried everything and couldn’t find it.

What kodi version are you using and what version of Seren. Some people have been having problems with Seren on Omega.