I need more problems

Where can I find a list of M3u to put on my TVMATE.

Heres 1 that oughta keep u busy for awhile…

Put it in the m3u plylst in tivimate, it will take more than a few min. to prossess (Its Big 60K+)

Its a bunch of the free plysts bundled into 1

Enjoy “_”



I added the one Sketch gave, but for my use, it was about 90% useless. If you want to find good m3u m3u8 playlists and xml epg files I suggest putting m3u or xml in the site search and then start reading. The lists are all there and although the odd one goes down, most still function and are regularly updated. It’s a lot of links to add to TiViMate. I’m still reloading the m3u and epg in my latest 4K Max. I have 34 epg’s loaded now. Still some channels without a guide though. :crazy_face:

I tried four times to download that. TVmate kept saying processing for about fifteen minutes then just kicked off. I guess I need something smaller. My download load is only 260 mbps. Anyway if you any other suggestions I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

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I couldn’t load that. Kept kicking me out after 15 minutes. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you for your help.


Shouldn’t, i use it with other playlists. All load. Use the search there is lots here

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