I need a good Golf addon

I really would like to watch Golf this week but the addons I have don’t work . The Crew , Mad Titan , The loop , any ideas will be great .

Mad Titan golf works for me, but if using say Silk browser you could go to stream2watch or one of the free sports sites Troy listed. I also have Ola TV installed and have literally over a dozen golf channels available in my faves.

That link does take you to Troy’s 2022 list.
Also in Mad Titan, go to live tv, then scroll down and do a search for Golf and you’ll find a ton of links come up.

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Crew iptv, ustvgo golf channel, or mad Titan , these work for me with a vpn.

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hook your pc up to your tv-go to masters.com-click live.i like watching amen corner. watched some of the par 3 today

I’m with @Miki as Mad Titan has never failed me for any sports links.

And if none of these suggestions are adequate…most of these give free 24 hr trials :eyes: :cowboy_hat_face:
Also…CBS Sports App is free & they’re covering a lot of the Masters…

I’m watching it now. Tiger. Ola TV + Ludio + Kshaw. Found 4 new servers, after the latest update, and have 6 golf sources in my Kshaw favorites now. All HD.

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