I have a question i buy mecool kd2 android tv but the matvt virtual mouse not click or not scroll. goina review it?

mecool kd2 android tv question

Do you mean matvt? Do you have the latest version?

yes but its not click or scroll on kd2 android tv

sounds like you need an air mouse

:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :+1: allright…

Have you followed the instructions on how to scroll?

nope how and where??

Go to the page I linked and start reading/surfing. Lots of info there.

HI wich page i need to read?

This release introduces an auto-detect for BossKey
It also introduces scrolling by pointing the mouse to sides
(Please enable “Bordered Window” and “Boss key Toggle” to check this out!)

okok thank i gonna chek

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