I have a question about the Syncler apk

I don’t understand why I have this installed on Amazon Firestick 4K Max and I can scroll up and down but I can’t scroll left at all to get to settings or anything like that on the left does anybody know what is the reason this is happening

Yes. Don’t try and scroll left. Click the return arrow and your left menu should open. I uninstalled it as it isn’t something I like or find useful so I can’t test it, but it may take a couple of clicks to open the left menu.


Yes your right 2 click on back button brings up menu that is on the left

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I am confused about something I don’t understand this:
I am using this app with real debrid and I am trying to watch a new movie and every source I have found hardly of them are in English does anybody know why this is happening


We can’t mention copyrighted martial (movies shows)

I have played what you are asking and works fine.

Well I have played sources after sources and it is the same problem every time


Check your link, read the info typically tells you. Sometimes you get crap links but if your using real debrid it should give you the best version. I will look again tomorrow and share my findings with you through a pm.


Get real debrid, they movie you are trying to find is there and perfect. Check my response. I looked for you.

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