I have a question about IPad and Windows 11 laptop

Can you use Syncler on IPad or Windows 11 laptop

“Syncler works on Android TV (Fire TV, Nvidia Sheild too), phones, tablets.” <<<straight off the website

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How do you watch it straight off the website

not possible, just an app and to be honest its having issues lately

also, im not a windows user and some others around here might know how to run android apps on windows…just not my thing.

You will need to install an android emulator, (like bluestacks), on windows to use Syncler. A warning though, it runs quite slow on windows. Better to just run it off android.

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Well if I am camping and the campground doesn’t have WiFi and all I have access to would be my laptop so can somebody what the best option be in this case because the only way up there is to use the data off my phone

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I don’t think you need an emulator in Win 11. From what I heard it has native support now to install android apks.


Cool. And nice to see.


I dont think syncler works on ios btw. Mosy apps dont. If you can emulate the app on mac with a program then try, or just stick to windows.

I don’t have a Mac I only have Windows

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