I have a couple questions

  1. I don’t understand the Real debrid plans actually work it gives a price and so many days but no explanation on what that means and I posted on there Twitter page twice and got no answers at all.

  2. I was watching something on Cinema HD and it kept buffering about every 2-5 seconds is there anyway to fix this

You need to research more please. Plenty of info on here. Question 2 will be answered by completing question 1.


Are you wanting to stream or download. FYI: RealDebrid isn’t known for good customer service


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I would use real debrid for streaming instead of downloading.


This is for a firestick but it has good info for buffering in general. I may make a topic about it later on.

Test your down speeds on your device.

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Cached torrents are also very important if you are going to use real-debrid.

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I am trying to stream and I don’t understand exactly what it means when it gives a price and then gives days that is what I don’t understand

If this is RD and you bought the full 6 mnth max you can get, then it will show you when your subscription is up.

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I have not bought anything because I don’t understand how the service plan works because there is no explanation on there website at all

You buy a subscription… You get to use it for that amount of time… Simple. When your subscription runs out… wait for it…
YOU BUY MORE TIME! It’s like magic.

If you want to know what real debrid DOES then I suggest you click the link I posted above.


I did look at that link but that didn’t make it clear on there website how there services plans worked because if you don’t explain how your service plans work how is somebody post to understand how it works

Huh? Pick a duration from 1 to 6 months. Pay. Do a search for Real Debrid for beginners or such. You will find tons of stuff to read and before you know it you will understand it all.

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Its just gonna tell you a bunch of stuff about torrents, that half of us don’t understand anyway… lol

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You’re saying you want a technical breakdown of it all? Are you a member of ACE?


Cooltwou, you got great information here from the warriors that know what they are talking about :+1:

Jayhawk posted a great link, you should ( START THERE ) bookmark it and always go back to it for reference, excellent :+1:

Darcoo’s link is a absolute when it comes to buffering, excellent :+1:

And Miki nailed it :+1:, Real-Debrid only allows a Max sign up for 6 months and doesn’t do the automatic renewal thing, you have to make a mental note and go into your Real-Debrid account and renew it yourself, a account you should have bookmarked so you can check your status on your account if you are actually signed up for the service :+1:

Either you want the service or not, Real-Debrid doesn’t have a drop down menu or goes into details, they keep it simple and say here’s what we have and here’s what it cost :thinking:

15 day plan, 30 day plan, 90 day plan or 180 day plan (6 months ) :tipping_hand_man:

If your worried they will steal your $19 for a 6 month service plan than I’m not sure what to tell ya, never had a problem with them, read read and read some more and do your homework!

Never had a issue with Real-Debrid, they just help you get the best links possible, without them and the FireStick4k I would still be paying a cable or satellite company big dollars every month, I’ve never looked back :+1:


& No… it doesnt come with a 2 yr warranty…


Really. Damn that Dracoo, he was pulling my leg. Now I know the truth oh zorlac the magnificent. Thanks. {:~)}


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