I found a way to stream 4K videos in Syncler without freezing. I want to share

Last week I posted my streaming issue and had many great suggestions. I stream on a 2019 Shield TV pro.
I found that by selecting the IPVanish server with the lowest pings and changing my Syncler provider package to JakedUp and Express I am now able to stream 25 Mbps 4K. I hope this helps someone.


What is the download speed package you get from your IP?

That provider is the best one aside from orion. Thats always been the option. I cover this


140 with IPVanish on.

That’s quite a drop in speed. You might want to check into that. Why then are you streaming 25Mbps?> I don’t understand.

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I think he means fps

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I am now able to stream 25 MB 4K videos. The best i could do before the changes I made was 6-8 MB.