I can't get my SanDisk to show up on firestick

I cannot get USB to show up on firestick
…I have followed directions correctly several times and it still won’t show up…I have formatted using Rufus several times…used 2 different OG cables…SanDisk 3.2 256

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Welcome to our little community. What Firestick do you have?

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Firestick 4k os

and allow unknown sources is enabled?

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Yes they are…they show up as a USB on the lost of manage installed apps…but I don’t think they are actually on the usb…


Hey Nel…

If youve dwnlded apps from RIA…
Go to manage apps… c if those apps have an icon next to them or if it gives u option for intrnl/extrnl apps


Some have an icon …no option for Internal or external storage

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Those with icon are on the flash drive…
(thats how u tell)
If u take flashdr out… they should disappear…

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