I Can't Get MSNBC....Reliably!

Hi guys! I’ve been using Xanax (specifically, the GOTO C:> app on Live TV) to tune into MSNBC. However, lately it hasn’t been reliable at all (connects in the AM, not in the PM, or doesn’t connect at all).

Does anyone know of a more reliable way to access MSNBC? Thanx!

Hello @iwhite52 sorry but I haven’t stayed up to date on the free live options as I now just use IPTV. I got tired of trying to chase down the free links and now pay $5 per month and service is always there with not too many problems. Here is one that we just put on the site a few days ago that you may want to look at - https://troypoint.com/thoptv/


Thanx, Troy! If ThopTV is your recommendation, I’ll definitely check it out! Any recommendations for a pay-per-month IPTV option?

Why would you want that crap

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