I am still on Nvidia Shield TV version 9. Should I upgrade?

I run Kodi, Syncler, Netflix, Prime, etc. Version 9 is working fine… I have had Shield upgrade issues in the past. However, I do not want to fall behind if possible.

Have there been 9.1 version issues that should keep me away from upgrading?

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I’m running version 9.1.1 and have not had any relevant issues upgrading from 9.01 & 9.1.

See if the changes in the new update is important for you - if nothing else, the new android security patches is a good idea.

Absolutely no issues. This isn’t a Firestick that we have to think about if we should update or not.

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I haven’t updated Webview on my 2019 Shield Pro because of the issues it caused. Never had any issue ever with a Firestick update. So you always take your chances.

The main Firestick update issue was like a year ago that ruined them. So yea, I guess you never know. As far as the Shield update problem, I never experienced that so I’m not really sure.

That’s odd. I never had any issue with any Fire OS updates, nor any problems with customers. Must have slept through that one. I missed the big mess with the shield update around the same time though.

The point of no return update where they blocked our freedom, aka launchers. You didnt miss it lol.

I did the update on all 3 of mine and have had no prob. But like said it’s a crap shoot you never know update or not to update that is the question :face_with_monocle:

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On TV boxes the android version doesn’t really matter. 9, 10 , 11, 12 … They all operate the same. That’s what I once heard some guy named Troy on YouTube say :upside_down_face:


Thanks everyone. I will do the update!

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:wink: - Just kidding. Enjoy.

Ahhh yes. I didn’t miss it as I decided to no longer use an uneeded launcher. Only on the home screen for a few seconds. I just use my devices for live TV or VOD.

Shield had a major problem with an upsate awhile back and ever since then I wait to see if it’s okay before I apply it. I’ve turned off automatic updates because of that debacle.

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That was an Android11 update and well over a year ago and has been sorted out since.

I never said it wasn’t!!! I just don’t allow automatic updates because of Shields’ bad software update.

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I don’t allow auto updating either. Although, in Nvidia’s defense that update issue was an Android 11 issue. Which affected many devices besides the Shields. However, Nvidia SHOULD have tested out the Android 11 update thoroughly prior to releasing it to the public.

Nvidia was scrambling at the time to push out a bunch of hotfixes. That is when I got into the beta bs and did every hotfix as it became available. Though, now, I have gotten out of the beta and have gone back to normal releases and disabled auto update once again.

The gist of my post was that that issue was a very long time ago and have had a few updates since it got fixed. That is all I meant. :yawning_face:


The point is they released a defective update and i don’t care if it was a month ago or 5 years ago, I have lost confidence in them so I don’t allow automated updates and that is all I was trying to point out. Nothing more and nothing less. It was a short opinion and to the original question!

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Tech Issue

FYI, I updated to 9.1 on the 2017 shield, the Netflix app does not work with the update. Not sure why?.?.?