How to watch UK reality shows in USA

I’m a tv reality junkie. I’ve heard UK Australia n Dubai have real housewives shows. I’m in USA n can’t watch it but I really want to. Can someone plz guide me as to how I can watch these shows while at home in USA plz

Try ITV. They show the episodes. Can’t vouch for the service personally.

Search the internet - IPTV services. I did a search and the first one that came up boasted :
Our IPTV Subscription Service , Subscription in Dubai, United Arab Emiratesincludes Live TV Channels & TV Guide from EVERY country in the world in HD & 4K Quality.

I am from the UK and every IPTV service I have subscribed to have all the UK channels. I mostly watch UK stations. Quality good, no buffering. Do a little research on the net. I do not think we are allowed to mention actual IPTV service names on here.

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