How to use stremio

I have looked through this community to see how to use addons in stremio. I saw the list of the addons, but don’t know if I need a url to add them,? I already have the account thx

You need to go into the hamburger>addons and click on the ones you want to install. Make sure you are in “Community” (top right) when the addons page loads.

Personally I would recommend just adding almost everything that is in a language that you speak unless it’s clearly an add on for something you’re totally not interested in like videos on how to sell tree bark. They take up no storage on your device at all and you never know where a link might be picked up. There is just no reason to not add them.


Exactly. I add everything for movies and series and always have lots of links. There are sources for tv, anime, sports, cartoons, porn, and just about anything you could want. With addons being on their server they cannot infect your device should they contain malware/adware/spyware. I’ve had this app forever and updates are regular and never require you to uninstall/reinstall to update. I’ve never had a cannot play/ check the log warning either.

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Thanks all, I noticed I could choose what stremio had, but wasn’t sure to go from there

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