How To Stream Super Bowl LVIII Free (Safe & Legal)

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The big game is finally upon us as Super Bowl LVIII is set to take place on Sunday, February 11, 2024. This guide will show you how to Stream the Super Bowl LVIII (2024) for free on any device you prefer and we include various options to do so. This year’s event is expected to…

It astounds me the amount of people that don’t know all you need is an antenna for your TV. (unless you live in the boonies or can’t get a signal for whatever reason)


I tried several antennas here in Canada and unless you live near or in a large metropolis, and have line of site to a transmitter here, no mountains, and so on, they’re a waste of money. I did get one station once, about 30 miles from me but real poor quality.

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So you would apply to the 2nd group “or can’t get a signal for whatever reason”. I’ve found I can make an antenna that works fine out of aluminum pie plate. Instructions found online one day, just tried it for fun. Actually worked well. I’m about 45 miles out from a major city. Don’t have to waste money on a functioning antenna unless you want or need a high powered or super fancy one.

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Living in Canada major cities are way more than 45 miles apart. Mountains galore in the Rockies. No line of site to any transmitter. Not a lot of local TV stations. Trust me, if there was a way to get free I would have.

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I know Miki. You’re excluded from my post. :grin: I’m much more amazed at the people who have NO IDEA that they can get free channels with an antenna. That was really the point of my post. I had to add the caveat because I know there are people (like yourself) who are unable to use them even though they are fully aware that they exist and work.

Forgetting OTA for a minute (I can’t get anything at one of my locations, either), which free APKs are the best? I use TVmob, LivenetTV, neither of which are very reliable. The TV App and UK Turks (when they are working) are good. Any other suggestions?

One of the ones I have added to my Tivimate but also has a stand alone App I believe, is SamsungTV Plus. I also still have thetvapp.

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I have an OTA in my yard. It needs to be moved / adjusted but when it was at it’s best, I got in 36 digital channels. I just removed the analogue ones. Right now I only get in a handful. Last year I was able to watch the Superbowl on a USA station to benefit from all the American commercials. I may or may not go out and do a minor adjustment, bit of a turn to see if I can pick up more again as I yell thought the window to my wife, is it in yet? ** Don’t go there. I know what that sounded like :rofl:

Lotsa good ota channels in SD

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I had 7plus all set up and both the 2024 superbowl and half time show were there. I added it to my watch list. Now it’s no longer showing, only the half time show. In place, it’s the 2023 replay. * highlighst, not replay. I wonder why. It seems to have been removed.

It’s on regular ota broadcasting. However, there are a multitude of ways to stream it.

Bottom line, if you can get your local CBS ota feed. Then you can watch it for free and legal,

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Plus, I believe you can sign up for the free trial with Paramount+

Yup same here. Keeps saying they are experiencing a technical issue, retry.

on kodi daddylive or sports hd oh and

That’s how we’re going to watch it. Using our Mohu50 antennas since 2011 and they never fail

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Yep, for years I e used 18 gauge speaker wire as an extra long antenna for my field radio . All it needs is metal

I hope the instructions tell you to buy your favorite pie and then eat the whole thing before making the antenna :joy:

You need to be on a VPN from Australia or you won’t get in. In my case it was there, I can stream anything but the game has disappeared. I will search again but have little faith.

I’m not much of a pie person, more like cookies and cake. But chocolate chips and icing do not an antenna make! :grin: I’m not much of a poet either, but I try. :woman_shrugging: