How to Start an IPTV Business - Do Rewards Outweigh Risks?

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This guide covers the steps necessary on how to start an IPTV Business. There are literally thousands of services now available for purchase on the Internet and this article explains how these lucrative operations are created. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It’s simply the delivery of live TV channels through the Internet. Cable and…


Thanks for posting this video. As far as risk reward is concerned… my risk level is rather low. I am happy being a small fry.

Fascinating stuff there,really cool to see how it looks on the other side.

Now for the million dollar question…How much ya charge per month? lol

Please note sarcasm :wink:

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Kind of reminds of a few of my friends, back in the day, who started out with the goal of selling just enough reefer to fund their own use, and then ended up in the cops’ cross hairs.

Very interesting video. I always wondered if my iptv service knew what I was watching…

Sorry to nitpick, but you paid $180 for 60 credits, not $160. So that’s $3 / credit. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for pointing that out. When I first looked at this plan they were selling it for $160 and I guess I never forgot that number! Article has been updated.

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Just so I’m understanding this correctly, my IPTV provider can see what I’m looking at, but if I’m connected to a VPN they, or anyone else, can’t actually see where Im located?

My question is you purchased 60 crdits for $180, Is the $180 per month or a one time purchase?

One time purchase. In the example in the video I chose the 12 month option in the reseller panel with 2 connections which amounted to 14 credits.

It’s not a one time charge.

The length of service for the money depends on the provider.

He’s asking if it’s per month and that is what my answer was referencing. Your credits are based on the amount of months and connections. Obviously, once those are up you need to purchase more credits. It’s not a lifetime subscription.

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Explain how the company’s capture the content and rebroadcast it. I find this fascinating

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