How to side load TV Launcher 3

Hi All,
I would like to try out TV Launcher 3, trouble finding steps to sideload it. I use a 4k Firestick but don’t have Google play store loaded, neither do I have unfile link. Anybody have an idea?

Do a search for the apk. has it.

Download TV Launcher 3 to android phone and also download Easy Fire Tools or Apps to Fire either of which you can use to send Launcher to the Firestick

Sorry I should have been a bit more helpful. Install the “downloader”. If you use the “find” on your firestick on the top row you will be able to search for, download, and install the downloader app. This is one of the many tools to downliad and install APKs ( android packet kit) kinda like the old exe. in windows. Now once you have it installed you will find it in your apps. The 4 little squares just to the left of your gear icon on the top line of the home page. Click on the downloader icon to open it. Then enter the URL of the apk

And click “go” to the right of the line you entered the url on. Now it should start the download and when done open an “install” screen. Once that’s done click close and then choose delete on the next two windows that open. Close the downloader. Then go to your apps, where you first opened downloader from. You will find the TV Launcher icon there. Click on it and follow the on screen prompts. Good luck

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