How to Remove “Unlinked”?

Hi everyone! I’m kind of a newbie with the in’s and out’s of using a Fire Stick 4K Max. That being said, I think that I may have screwed up the installation of “Unlinked” either that, or I just not sure on how to use it.

I followed the instructions as per the troypoint website, but I ended up in “Unlinked” which doesn’t look like it’s a place I should be.

I used “Downloader” as instructed, and typed in the link address: unlinked.unlink and then pressed go. What came up was what appeared to be a webpage, where I was required to register for the app. I entered all of the required information and now have an account setup. I didn’t the place where the instructions said that there would be a place to click on to download the Android version of the program, which I couldn’t find. Most of the webpage that I was taken to, seemed to be a place for advertising other things, and again, the spot for the required registration. Once registered, it appeared to be a place within Unlinked, where I could make new “Libraries”, but not much else.

Anyway, I wasn’t impressed as to how this installation worked out for me, and I decided that I want to remove, uninstall or delete this app, or even find where it has been installed.

I’m hoping that someone could help me out for instructions/advice??

Any assistance that anyone could provide will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.

It should be in your applications tab left of settings. Go to the app press the button with three lines and uninstall should pop up as one of the options. I would suggest downloading from Troypoint app.

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Hey Freddy…

U shouldn’t hv had to sign up for anything, so u must have took a wrong turn…
That link is wrong it should b…

So I’m not sure u dwnlded anything or if theres a need to delete, but that would b in manage apps if u did

Like T said you probly need to dwnld Troy’s App installr… thats where most ppl start for the basics, it has Unlinked & othr tools & plyrs to dwnld & you WILL need codes for unlinked to add the libraries/app stores, we can give u those here or TP website when & if your ready…
Heres the installer type this in downloader…



sounds like he mistakenly downloaded the unlinked library creation app.


Thanks very much for your help. I was able to find out what happened, when I went back through the steps in Troy’s video. It looks like I missed a step along the way, and got sent to the Unlinked website instead of the app. Everything is working the way it should now. I guess it pays to pay attention when following these tutorials, :thinking::grinning:

Thanks again!


Thanks very much for this. As it turns out, going back through the steps in Troy’s video showed me that I had missed a step and ended up at the Unlinked website for creating new libraries, instead of where the step for downloading the app goes. :thinking::grinning:

Thanks again for your help!


You’re absolutely correct. I missed something when following the steps in Troy’s tutorial and ended at the Unlinked website for creating new libraries instead.

Thanks very much for your reply! Every little bit helps.


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Thanks very much for your help. I did miss something when following along with Troy’s tutorial. That miss sent me the to the Unlinked website for creating new libraries, instead of to where the app download was.

Thanks again! Very much appreciated.