How to jailbreak firetruck 4k

New firestick 4k will not jailbreak like the older ones.
Is there a jailbreak for this stick?

Ok I’m confused, but that isn’t unusual. What are you trying to do exactly. Are you saying you can’t get into "My Fire TV>Developer options> ADB debugging (set to on)>Install unknown apps> enable specific apps as your needs arise. That’s it.
I should explain that the 4K Max is slightly different when enabling apps from unknown sources, it isn’t a blanket enable any more, it’s now enabling it on specific apps of your choice that appear in the list under “install unknown apps”.

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I keep getting an error saying I need to sign in to Amazon appstore to download Downloader.
Can’t get install from unknown developers on settings


When you become a insider you get a install and setup guide emailed to your registered email, please check that has it had a video guide and lots of info.

Jailbreak on a firetruck sounds fun

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Been a while since I’ve had to find downloader, Troy’s RAI has unlinked you can install, then add library 12341234 and I’m sure it’s in there. You really don’t need Amazon. Using Troy’s Rapid App Installer you can speed up a firestick configuration 10 fold, and get top apps you may not even know about. A super tool, the RAI, not Troy. :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Figured out how to get it all installed, thanks