How to Install Zach Morris Kodi Repo?

I can see in a Google links to it but nothing on how to install it in Kodi or how to download it

I found a link to download this repo 2 problems exist:

  1. Silk browser doesn’t download anything
  2. Downloader on the same link doesn’t show a download link on the same web page that it showed in Silk browser

Here is the zip. Not sure how you “install from zip” in kodi but it’s there. So download it and then install from zip should work.

I still can’t get this to download I tried to download it onto my laptop and it wouldn’t let me download it either keep checking my network and it is not my network so I am not sure how to get this zip file

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Can you download it to your phone then using say EFT ( Easy Fire Tools) send it to your device? Sorry I don’t use Kodi. Hopefully someone who does can give it a go.

Here is the link to download zip to your pc

Install ADB Link on your pc and use ADB filemanager to transfer to Kodi then install from zip file in Kodi

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That’s the same link I posted. Tx for the instructions on using ADB.

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