How to install Troypoint Rapid Installer

Need help installing the Rapid App Installer.

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Hello @mmusolf Great question! What you need to do is sideload it using the app Downloader. You need Downloader to easily install versions of Kodi, APKs etc.

Once you have Downloader installed just go to and download the Rapid App Installer.

If you don’t know how to get Downloader on your screen, hit me back and I will explain that. Have fun!


Hello @mmusolf I forgot to add that once you use Downloader to install the Rapid App Installer, most of you installations of Kodi, APks etc. will be done using it rather than Downloader. Troy made it easy for us to load apps on our screen and you can quickly jailbreak a device using the Rapid App Installer.

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Thanks. I got it figured out.


It’s made simple by Troy.


How to install TROYPOINT file link please and thank you

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Hi @donnah8589 Welcome to our community. I think you are talking about the Troypoint Rapid App Installer. Be glad to help but you need to let me know what device you are using Nvidia Shield, Android box, Fire TV or Firestick.

Do you have Downloader installed? If you do and know how to use it, you will be downloading it from:
If you need more assistance. Let me know and I will help. You need to get Downloader on your system and type in the url to get the Rapid App Installer. Please clarify and I will help.

Getting an Error 404 I went through downloader can’t access it

@donnah8589 I am having a similar issue. Let me check something and get back to you.

@donnah8589 Forgive me for steering you wrong. The url is:

Hope this helps.


Are there problems with downloader as I can’t download the Rapid app installer

2 Likes changed to… What are you using?

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Looks to like RAI has been retired??

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