How To Install The Crew Kodi Addon

Originally published at: How to Install The Crew Kodi Addon for Free Movies & Shows (Kodi 19)

The following step-by-step tutorial will show you How To Install The Crew Kodi Addon. It features a great interface with a ton of high quality links. For these reasons and more, it is considered a Best Kodi Add-On by TROYPOINT. For best results, TROYPOINT recommends integrating a real-debrid account within The Crew. This will provide…

Is The Crew a repo only for KODI, or can it be installed on an Android device via APK, or by some other means? Because KODI takes up too much space, which slows everything down.

Yet again bitterly disappointed. Installed as per instructions. Linked to real debrid account. Signed up for free trakt account as it said I didn’t have one. Now search find loads of links but when I come to select nothing. No feeds for anything. No iptv either. Complete waste of time installing this as it doesn’t work.

I can assure you The Crew has been working Flawlessly for it least 6 months. It’s one of my daily go to Addons. Have you reathorized your RD account in ResolveURL? Also what version of KODI are you running? 20.2 is the latest.

And you also need to Authorize Trakt in each addon you use. I love Trakt been using it for Years

And as far as IPTV in KODI? Forget about it. These dev’s are unpaid hobbyists so what is working today may not tomorrow. Lot’s of us here have a paid IPTV service. I use KODI + RD + Trakt for all my Shows/Movies VOD and an IPTV service for Live Sports and News. That is all I watch live

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Thanks for your message I’m grateful to you for reaching out. I’m not as technically minded as some of you on here so have to follow Troy’s instructions line by line.

I’m on kodi 20.2 and when I was in the crew followed the instruction to authorise my real debrid account and then I had to set up a free Trackt account.

I can see all the shows I want to watch and then the system searches and finds lots of streams but then when I come to watch them nothing works.

I’m going to wipe kodi again and try again.

Uninstalled and reinstalled kodi then loaded the crew then authorised my real debrid account.

Searched a random old episode of family guy. Only 3 streams found so click on the first

Then goes through them all message top right of screen no stream available.

Yeah that show started over 25 years ago. Unfortunately even with Real Debrid you are not going to find streams for some of the older seasons.

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For things like that you should look at the retro TV apps on google play. Things like RD rely on many of their customers to fill out the library of content and it’s virtually impossible to have every single episode of every series ever broadcast. The storage and infrastructure required is mind boggling.

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Having exhausted everything else and FEN and Twilight not working too guess what? My real debrid subscription had expired. I’d not had a notification so that explains why nothing worked. Now have renewed everything back up and running. It’s a learning curve for a complete novice like me. Now I need to work out hot to load ip vanish onto an older fire stick.

Do they pull different links than Seren?
I’ve had Crew before and seemed the same.

Also does moving the VPN location make any difference in the links pulled?

Sorry I don’t use Seren or a VPN perhaps someone else can assist