How to Install The Beast Build on Kodi (Step-by-Step)

From my experience it doesn’t compare at all. And Xenon gives a lot of live tv options. Although i mostly use Streamfire w/o kodi or TheTvApp in or out of the build.

I suggest to download a troy kodi 21 fork and download the Beast. Give it a try and see if you like it.

To each their own.

Thanks for the reply. The live TV is a big point for me and everything is working pretty well with the Kodi 20.3 and Diggz. I have a backup FireTV stick and will probably try the Beast on that with Kodi 21. Thanks again,

The beast has been updated get it here

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Question? Do you need the build to use the Account Manager or can you install as a separate, stand-alone addon and use it to control and manage your Trakt / RD subscriptions for all the other addons? I know I set it up when installing CREW.

Seems like a good idea and should be easily integrated with Kodi or any addons that are Trakt / RD compatible shouldn’t it?

Just thinking out loud… Cheers. :canada:

No its a stand alone addon. Its from the 7of9 repo. That repo has their own builds as well i believe.

I just dont know if it needs to be set up to your kodi or its good to go once installed. As its already installed on the build i use.

Mine looks like this

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Cool. I’ll check it out and see if it works as a stand-alone and adapts to the existing addons I have installed. Cheers.

I actually installed this yesterday for a bit on my 2nd Onn. It had been years and I almost forgot all those beeps, errors , un-found sources , update failed, check your log messages but other than that I’m loving it … smh NEXT