How to Install SOPlayer App on Firestick & Android TV

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This instructional guide will show you how to install SOPlayer on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV Box. SOPlayer is a quality IPTV player that works with tons of services and devices including the Amazon Firestick and more. This is a popular choice for IPTV users who wish to integrate their preferred IPTV Service within the…

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Eeek. When I put that website in it goes to the ACE website…

Okay what am I missing here? I went to the Web site to try and figure out what this is and it appears the price is $35/Month but I’m not sure what you get even after reading Troy’s article and looking at their web site. $35/month for an IPTV player? Surely there must be something else

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This is the website. Can you tell me what this is for $35/Month? It must be more than just an IPTV Player. Nobody would buy it

I meant when I put in the url that Troy has in the article to download the app, it went to ACE. But dang yea $25 a month is wild for just the player. I would love to see the UI out of curiosity.

@markxG The website you posted doesn’t seem correct. That is for an IPTV service I think…

I think that is an IPTV service with the same name as the player. We should likely get that link off of this thread…

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Yup you are right. I watched a few Youtube videos on it and all it’s just an IPTV Player only - For $25/Month :astonished:

SOPlay in the playstore does not indicate any charge for the SOPlayer

From Troy’s article:

I know but in the play store there isn’t any indication of a charge. :laughing: I installed it and it’s asking for a provider code from the supplier I bought it from. You are so right @MarkxG no way is anyone buying this. Lifetime TiViMate is a way better buy.

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Yes my IPTV service uses a proprietary app so no interest on my end. It’s just when I read the article I couldn’t believe someone is charging $25/month for an IPTV Player only!

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Assuming there really is something to buy here, it would be interesting to see a side by side comparison of SOP vs Tivimate feature by feature. At $25/mth, the SOP feature list is going to have to be 5 to 10X the Tivi list to attract users.