How to Install Opera Browser on Firestick?

The Opera browser has several reviews that rate it at the top of the heap for firestick browsers. It provides built-in ad blocking and offers a free VPN. Now I am a huge fan of SurfShark, so I won’t be switching VPNs anytime soon, but I did want to install this browser on my firesticks.

Only problem, I can’t find any location for the APK to put into downloader, and thus I am not able to install it on my firesticks.

Can anyone help with this? please

Opera APK for Android Download


Any free VPN is worth exactly what you pay for it. It will never substitute for a real sub to a standalone VPN as your SS. It`s a great VPN.


So true, I wouldnt trust opera’s free vpn anymore than I would trust Firefox paid vpn.

Agree with the angst about security from Opera’s free VPN to some extent, but the real WIN with SurfShark is that I installed it on my router and thus every device on my home network, even the not so smart switches, lights and cameras are hidden behind the VPN.

HOWEVER, I really need to find a place to get the apk file for Opera and a growing list of other apps. Help please!!

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Get aptoide. Almost a duplicate of the play store.

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aptoids version is very out dated, it works tho.

Thanks for pointing that out TX. I missed that. Aptoide does have the newer version in there if someone searches.

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There are several apps on this apk that I would like to install on my Nvidia Shield tubes but after installing it I can’t get my remote to navigate around in the app. I can’t even locate its current position let alone get to the search bar, etc. Are you guys using a mouse instead of your remotes?

Yes many apps that are not approved will not work on the shield and actually its a reason you dont see many of your fav apps in the playstore as a requirement is remote compatability. However what the playstore does not take into account is 3rd party remotes that make the app navigation possible. I use an air mouse when needed but prefer default mouse on most devices.

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